06/02/2012 13:33 GMT

Mark Wright: ‘I Could Present X Factor'

Former TOWIE star Mark Wright has revealed he'd love to step into Dermot O'Leary's shoes as host of The X Factor.

Since leaving The Only Way Is Essex, Mark has made no secret of the fact he would like to further his television career but, if his stint as wooden host of Take Me Out: The Gossip is anything to go by, the reality star has a long way to go to perfect his performance in front of a camera.

Speaking to Hello magazine, he said: "I'm not daunted by things I believe I'm talented at."

"If you asked me, could I be the next top basketball player? I'd say no," he continued. "If you ask me, could I present X Factor one day, yeah, I could."

Have you watched your Take Me Out efforts back, Mark?

We don't think Dermot should have anything to worry about but Daniel Craig may need to sweeten his James Bond bosses as Mark revealed he is also eyeing up a spot as 007.

Mark - who recently landed a movie role alongside Kelly Brook - said: "Someone made a joke in a paper about me playing him and I thought, 'why not? I'll do it, I'll be the next James Bond.'"

The star even dressed as charmer Bond for a photo shoot and said he believes he can achieve anything if you reach for the stars.

He added: "That's the kind of guy I am. I believe you have to dream big and aim for the stars.

"A bit of it might be tongue in cheek, but do I think I'd make a good Bond? Yeah, I do."

Speaking to the The Mirror recently, he said: "Eventually, I'd love to work in Hollywood - I'm not stupid enough to believe that's going to happen in the near future. But as they say, 'Reach for the skies'."

The skies don't sound high enough.

The full interview with Mark Wright appears in this week's Hello magazine, on sale now.