06/02/2012 06:21 GMT

Snow Forces Schools To Close Around UK

As Britain attempts to get back on its feet after suffering heavy snowfall and blinding blizzards on Saturday night, schools are stumbling behind.

Broken boilers and teachers failing to make it into school are just some of the reasons listed on council websites for why schools are closed on Monday. Few are able to confirm whether or not they will be able to re-open on Tuesday.

Find out whether your local school has been affected from our list below:

  • One school closed in Bedford
  • No Berkshire schools have been reported as closed
  • All schools in Bristol are open
  • Buckinghamshire: Six schools closed
  • In Cambridgeshire, 12 schools are shut, with some not opening until 10am
  • Only one school in Cornwall is shut
  • Three schools in Derbyshire are closed, with parents advised to check individual schools.
  • There are currently no schools closed in Devon
  • Only one school in Dorset has been closed
  • Similarly, one one primary school in Durham is closed
  • In East Sussex, 20 schools are closed and a further 20 are partly closed
  • A total of 33 schools are closed in Essex
  • Three schools are closed in Gloucestershire
  • In Hampshire, two schools are shut
  • There are no reported school closures for Herefordshire
  • In Hertfordshire, 18 schools and one nursery are shut, with many more warning parents of icy and dangerous conditions
  • For Kent school closures, check the interactive map on its website
  • For Manchester, refer to the A to Z of school closures compiled by the council
  • A total of 31 schools in Norfolk: were shut on Monday. Many cited teachers being unable to get into work and site conditions unsafe as the reasons for failing to open.
  • Two schools in Oxfordshire are closed
  • There are no school closures in Staffordshire
  • No schools are closed in Somerset
  • Surrey: Two closed with two open with restrictions
  • In Suffolk, five schools are closed
  • For Yorkshire, check individual county council websites
  • Three schools shut in Warwickshire

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