06/02/2012 10:05 GMT

Tonight's TV Pick: The Diamond Queen (PHOTOS)

As the Queen marks the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne, now seems a fitting time to take stock of what she's achieved since becoming Queen Elizabeth II at just 25 years old.

Tonight, in the first episode of a three-part documentary exploring her life and achievements, Andrew Marr is given the best access, short of actually sitting down with the monarch, to see what she's really like.

In Diamond Queen, he hears from other members of the royal family, including Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Edward and Princess Anne, who reveal some of the nifty skills she's picked up from decades of walkabouts, state visits and receptions.

Marr also chats to David Cameron, Tony Blair and John Major - just three of the 12 prime ministers during her reign - who have nothing but admiration for Her Majesty.

Since the age of 10 she's known she would become Queen and her life since 1952 has been filled with duty, routine, reading and ritual, but Marr, writing on the Radio Times website says: "I found very many people - politicians, civil servants, friends of the family - talking at length about how witty the Queen is.

"But I noticed that when I asked for examples, they tended to tell me what they had said to her, before sitting back with a pleased beam."

Hear their examples - at least - tonight at 9pm on BBC1.

Also on: Coronation Street

If you're not a fan of the monarchy - no matter how special the occasion - then tonight's Coronation Street will take you about as far away from royalty as possible.

The Carla show continues as things come to a head at Underworld leaving her unnerved. Peter suggests they sell up and move away, but things are never that simple on the Street. And gullible Rosie's spirits are lifted by an invitation to a screen test for a new reality TV show, after the saucy story in the Gazette leaves both Jason and Rosie without jobs.

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The Diamond Queen