06/02/2012 10:43 GMT

X Factor's Marcus Collins Fights Back To 'Seven Nation Army' Single Criticism

Marcus Collins says he doesn't really care if he is criticised for releasing a cover of a White Stripes hit as his debut single.

The X Factor runner-up admitted some music fans haven't taken to the idea of the beloved indie anthem Seven Nation Army being covered by him.

"I've had plenty of abuse from White Stripes fans, believe you me," he said, clearly taking it with a pinch of salt. "I've quickly learned I can't please everyone, and a lot of people have got a lot of opinions on the song, shall we say.

"I like it, my friends and family love it, the people here at my record label love it, and if people don't like the version that's being released, there are plenty of other versions they can listen to instead - we've done a dubstep remix and some others.

"And, you know, if they hate my version so much, they can always listen to the original White Stripes version. Why are they listening to me if they don't like it? My covering the song doesn't detract from the White Stripes.

"And why are people kicking off about it now? That song came out in March 2003."

Marcus revealed he started writing his own songs for his debut album, out next month, straight after The X Factor finished in December.

"It's a really quick turnaround, having the album ready to go already, but I didn't want to sit around waiting for ages, spending a year in the studio," he said.

:: Marcus Collins releases his debut single Seven Nation Army on March 4. His debut album follows a week later.