07/02/2012 16:45 GMT | Updated 08/04/2012 10:12 BST

Cheryl Cole Brands MC Harvey Claims 'Soul Destroying Lies' After He Reveals 'Proof' Of Romance

Cheryl Cole has branded claims she had a relationship with rapper MC Harvey "soul destroying lies" after the So Solid Crew star apparently produced email evidence of a romance.

Harvey was under fire last week after Cheryl denied any sort of affair occurred but the musician has apparently shown messages to a legal expert working for Now magazine - the publication which broke the news of the alleged fling.

Despite the claims, Cheryl is still adamant Harvey is in fantasy land, tweeting: "I don't know when I became so naive but even after 10 yrs in this industry i am still shocked that people will tell soul destroying lies to benefit themselves #sadbuttrue."

But MC Harvey took to Twitter to hit back at Cheryl's latest denial, writing: "I said I had emails, I've shown the emails. I've cleared my name. That's all I wanted to do. #proof."

Fading star Harvey, first name Michael, alleges he got close to former X Factor judge Cheryl after she split from cheating husband Ashley Cole, but she insists she's baffled by his claim.

However, Now magazine reports there were dozens of messages exchanged between the pair as well as Cheryl's mother Joan Callaghan between September 2010 and February 2011.

Tim Parish, legal adviser for the magazine and a media lawyer of more than 20 years, said in a statement: "I was asked to verify the authenticity of the emails between Cheryl Cole and Michael Harvey as a proof of a relationship between the couple.

"The emails I was shown dated back to 2010 and were correspondence to and from Cheryl Cole and Michael Harvey and also between Michael Harvey and Cheryl's mother Joan Callaghan.

"The emails give details of her feelings about The X Factor, pictures she sent to Michael Harvey as well as personal conversations between the pair.

"I concluded that the messages were real, had not been doctored in any way and confirm he was in a romantic relationship with the sender."


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