07/02/2012 12:30 GMT | Updated 07/02/2012 12:36 GMT

Chun Chun, China's Heaviest Baby Tips The Scales At 15.5lbs (PICTURES)

A woman in China’s central Henan province has delivered a baby weighing in at a whopping 15.5lb.

Chun Chun came into the world via caesarean section on Saturday – making him a Dragon baby in the Chinese calendar.

Proud father Han Jingang told Xinxiang TV there had been nothing unusual about his wife’s pregnancy and that she hadn’t eaten particularly large amounts of food.

He added: “But she’s given birth to such a big, fat son. I feel very happy.”

His mother, Wang Yujuan, 29, had previously given birth to a daughter weighing 8.8lbs.

According to The Sun, she told reporters: "I clearly felt that my body was more clumsy than when I had been pregnant with my daughter. My belly was bigger than it was then.

"I guessed the baby would be between ten and 11 pounds. I never expected to hear that he weighs 15.5 pounds."

The heaviest birth listed by Guinness World Records belongs to a baby boy born in 1879 in Ohio, who weighed 23 pounds 12 ounces at birth and whose mother was said to be a "giantess." Unfortunately, the baby died 11 hours after birth.