07/02/2012 11:15 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Scratch-N-Sniff Raspberry Scented Jeans. No, Really.

Jeans brand Naked & Famous Denim have unveiled their latest creation - a range of scratch-n-sniff jeans which release a raspberry scent when rubbed.

Scratch-n-sniff raspberry scented jeans. No, really. Images: Naked and Famous

The brand website reveals how the technology works:

"The effect is created by coating the denim fabric with a special coating that contains mini microcapsules. The coating is applied and then baked into the denim. The tiny capsules have a bit of "perfume" inside and as you scratch them the scent is released."

According to the information label (which is peppered with exclamation marks) the coating lasts up to five washes "depending on how you care for them and how often you wash them".

You can pick up a pair from Selfridges or Liberty for a mere £135 each.

We have a few questions.

1. Why not just perfume your trousers?

2. Why are they only available for men?

3. Surely there are a limited number of occasions when it is appropriate to ask someone to bend down and sniff something you are wearing on your bottom?

4. If you have to run for the bus, will you not just smell of sweaty raspberries?

5. If you are only going to wash your jeans five times in their whole life cycle we suspect they might start to smell of something other than raspberries.

6. Why raspberry at all?

As a partial answer to that last question, The Mirror reports that apple, banana, eucalyptus, grapefruit and mint scents are planned.

We imagine the eucalyptus version would be good if you have a toddler with a cold hugging your leg.

All of which leads to the obvious question: If you absolutely had to, which scent would you like on your jeans?

And for a glorious rainbow of denim, check out the gallery below: