08/02/2012 03:07 GMT

Booze Banned From 'Britain's Got Talent' To Stop Carmen Electra Boos

Booze has been banned at the Britain's Got Talent auditions in a bid to stop the audience booing guest judge Carmen Electra.

The former Baywatch star, who is standing in for new mum Amanda Holden, proved less than popular with the crowd at London's Hammersmith Apollo on Monday, with much of the audience jeering the actress for her lacklustre responses to wannabes.

ITV bosses were so keen to stop the chaos they banned alcohol from the venue as they continued auditions on Tuesday.

A source tells The Sun: "The rumour was people were worried the audience would get tanked up and start shouting even more abuse at Carmen. She was already getting called every name under the sun - it was so embarrassing for her.

"Everyone was shouting, 'Bring back Amanda'. They just thought Carmen was an airhead."

An insider also told The Mirror: "BGT is a family show, so they don't want too much swearing from the crowd or drunken audience members.

"They also wanted to cut down on the number of people nipping out to the loos during recording."

Poor Carmen was still booed though - let's hope her rumoured third appearance on Wednesday goes a bit better!


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