08/02/2012 08:43 GMT | Updated 08/02/2012 08:44 GMT

Nanny Goat Gives Australian Police The Runaround (VIDEO)

Police officers aren't coming across too well today. First there was the news of one undercover cop chasing himself around for 20 minutes in Sussex, and now there's this: a runaway goat that Australian police just couldn't catch.

Well, we say 'couldn't catch' - Melbourne's finest did eventually get a hold of the wee beastie, but it took them a good few hours to do so, eventually nicknaming the wee beastie 'Houdini' for its efforts.

In fact, the nanny goat was so elusive that it held up traffic around Melbourne's airport, and quickly became a feature on the national news.

These silly Aussies - like that sort of nonsense would ever get that much attention over in the UK, eh? Wait, what? A cat? At a Liverpool match? Damn.