08/02/2012 07:58 GMT

Obama Fires Marshmallow Cannon At White House Science Fair (VIDEO)

Joey Hudy is an 13-year-old kid from Phoenix, Arizona. We mention Joey because he's the one of the attendees at this year's White House science fair, bringing along a marshmallow cannon as his exhibit - a marshmallow cannon that Barack Obama himself ending up firing.

Dressed in his best suit and tie, he casually chats away with the leader of the Free World - even saying that he should push the bike pump that powers his contraption, not the president.

Obama eventually gets his way, however, getting his pump on before the fluffy confection blasts across the room.

Footage of the event has been uploaded to YouTube by The White House's own channel (see above) and a little bit more detail on the cannon has been revealed to the world on Joey's own feed (see below).

He really is a cute kid, this one. Like little Ray from Jerry Maguire, but without the '90s haircut. No, wait, he's got one of those too. Plus, whatever you think of the 44th president, watching this video you've got to agree he's great with kids. Great with kids and pumping bike pumps - both very valuable skills for a leader, there is no doubt.