08/02/2012 07:12 GMT | Updated 09/02/2012 09:19 GMT

EXCLUSIVE: Steve Coogan Voices 'The Life Of Quentin Tarantino' (VIDEO)

Want to know how Quentin Tarantino went from small town nerd to multi-award winning millionaire filmmaker? Just watch the brilliant animation above. It'll only take you a minute and a half.

The cartoon is voiced by Steve Coogan and scripted by comedy writer Matt Owen. The animation comes courtesy of Tim Searle - the animator behind Have I Got News For You's title sequence, and much of Baby Cow's great work, including the Viz Comedy Blaps.

"I wrote and conceived it, Tim directed, produced and animated it," Owen tells Huffington Post UK. "Tim was working with Steve Coogan on something else at Baby Cow [Coogan's production company] and he asked him to do the voices for my script. He did it all in around 15 minutes flat, no messing."

Taking in Tarantino's famed hours spent in a video store, his relationship with Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and his penchant for "graphic scenes of ultra-violence and male rape underscored with an oddly compelling and eclectic soundtrack", we think it's pretty marvellous. Here's hoping 'The Life Of James Cameron' is next...