08/02/2012 02:12 GMT

'The Bill' Star Ben Richards Has Cancer

Former The Bill star Ben Richards has told fans he's battling cancer and he's determined to "kick" the disease in the next six months.

The 39-year-old actor, who also appeared in Footballers' Wives, was stunned when he was given the diagnosis by doctors last month and has now taken to his account to share the news with his followers.

Hunky Ben also revealed he has postponed a trip to Los Angeles to give himself more time to overcome the disease.

He wrote: "After getting (sic) scariest news... I have to now postpone my LA adventure for at least 6 months. I was born a fighter and will fight this."

The actor later updated fans about his condition, adding: "So, am supposed to be heading off to LA... instead I'm meeting my Oncologist to discuss my course of Chemo and Radiotherapy. Yep, time to battle the big C.

"Prognosis is good... and should kick this into touch in about 6 months, well this should be a different journey."

Ben also admits he's feeling optimistic about his upcoming treatment, declaring: "Great meeting with Oncologist... lovely guy, v (very) positive, I was terrified he'd give me bad news."

Here's to a speedy recovery, Ben.