09/02/2012 12:45 GMT

London Speed Dating For Eight-Year-Olds For Valentines Is Branded 'Vulgar'

A speed dating event organised for primary school children has provoked mixed reactions with some branding it "vulgar" and "distasteful".

The two-night event, which takes place in Brockley Central, Lewisham, promises "romantic poems" and "dinner by fairy lights".

Organisers admitted the Valentine's theme is "likely to create debate".

Readers of the blog, where the "Tea Dance for Little People" event appeared, had varying view on the theme.

"Very strange concept, not sure if I'm comfortable," one user said, while another added "I can see the Daily Mail headline now..."

Another user, Nick, said he was sure the event would be "perfectly harmless and charming".

"For the children it's just another play date and for the parents they can think oh how cute," another, called Tamsin, wrote.