09/02/2012 10:08 GMT | Updated 10/04/2012 06:12 BST

Steve Jobs FBI File Released

The FBI has just released 191 pages of files on Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO.

The famously self-contained entrepreneur rarely spoke to the media, about himself or his products.

The files, according to the FBI, were compiled on Steven Paul Jobs when in 1991, Jobs was considered for an appointed position on the US President's Export Council.

In 1991, Jobs had not yet returned to Apple and was president of "Next Computer Inc."

The FBI site reads "This release consists of the FBI's 1991 background investigation of Jobs for that position and a 1985 investigation of a bomb threat against Apple."

The document stamped "Presidential Expedite" appears to have begun on 7/21/07, is marked revised in 1990 and was copied and diseminated on 2/21/1991.


The purpose of the file was to "conduct an expedite background investigation" into Jobs life as he was up for a "presidential appointment."

In order to be considered, the FBI asked for 15 people who knew Jobs to be interviewed, asked one of its offices to confirm his birth details, asked another to obtain a list of any lawsuits or general complaints about him, and asked the San Francisco office to ascertain his reason for leaving Apple.


The report asks FBI staff to look deeply into the character of Steve Jobs. The agents interviewing people Jobs knew were tasked with determining whether Jobs had "expressed or manifested any bias or prejudice against any individual or group based on sex, race, colour, religion..."


On February 8 1985, Steve Jobs was the victim of a million dollar "extortion" attempt, according to the files.

The bomber even tricked Jobs into personally returning his call, by leaving a message with staff that it was a "family emergency".

A public telephone was used to call Jobs' work phone at Apple and threaten him.

The caller said that one million dollars must be handed over, and a note with instructions would be left instructions under a table, next to a candy machine in the San Francisco Hilton.

The un-named bomber told Jobs that the devices would go off at 2:30pm, 7 February 1985 if the instructions were not followed

The police dog squad was sent out to hunt for potential bombs at Apple, and at Jobs' home.

The files reveal that no bombs were found. The phone used to make the threatening calls turned out to be in San Francisco airport. A cryptic note in handwriting reads "no one in area of phone is proper will dust for prints."


The file blanks out his name, but the files refer to an early mentor in Jobs' life - Robert Friedland.

Friendland, an LSD dealer, is described in the files as "a former hippie" who at one time ran "an apple orchard" in Oregon with Jobs.

The Orchard was a commune, and the inspiration for the name Apple, which the files call "Apples".

More insight as we trawl the 191 pages.

See some of the file below: