10/02/2012 11:11 GMT

Top 10 Viral Videos: This Week's Funniest

Is it the weekend already? It must be - we've been working for five days straight, so... it has to be the weekend. Must be.

In fact, there's no doubt about whether it's the wekend or not because of one particular thing - the fact that you're looking at our tried-and-true funny viral video round-up, the world's only true indicator of whether it's the weekend or not.

In this edition of 'Top 10 Viral Videos: This Week's Funniest', we've got a few cute dogs, a Oscar-nominated star taking the mick out of himself and a Muppet in a wig indulging in a staring competition. Pretty much everything you could want, really.

So what are you waiting for? There are funny videos to be looked at! Laughs to be laughed! Chuckles to be chuckled! Press play below, and don't look back - unless you want to, in which case, fair enough.