10/02/2012 07:12 GMT

Halle Berry 'Fleeing To France In Fear' After Psychiatric Patient Robert Hoskins Escapes

Halle Berry allegedly wants to relocate from America to France as it is claimed she fears for her life and the life of her child.

Psychiatric patient Robert Hoskins has escaped from a US mental institution and is now on the run after he reportedly threatened to "slit her throat".

Speaking to Radar, a source said: "Friends are scared for her life because Robert Hoskins wants to kill her. She is terrified for her safety.

"The LAPD told Halle that Hoskins threatened, 'I’m going to kill that b**ch, I’m going to cut her throat.'"

Hoskins made similar threats to Madonna in the past and was shot by the singer's bodyguard in 1995 after he was caught trespassing on the Material Girl's property. He was arrested and convicted for making violent threats, stalking and assault.

At the time, it was reported Hoskins believed singer Madonna was his wife and he threatened to slice her throat and kill her bodyguards.

Halle recently filed legal papers asking a judge to allow her to return to France with her French fiance Olivier Martinez's and her daughter Nahla.

However,according to TMZ Halle is reportedly embroiled in a custody battle with Nahla's father Gabriel Aubry who is trying to stop her from taking their child abroad.

Speaking about when stalker Hoskins left prison for the mental institution, a source told Radar he said: "F**k Madonna, I want to cut Halle Berry’s throat."


The source added: "They sent him to Metropolitan State Hospital last fall but he escaped on Tuesday, and it’s really frightening because he told everyone there that he was going to kill Halle."