10/02/2012 13:27 GMT | Updated 10/02/2012 13:27 GMT

Ken Livingstone And Tim Montgomerie - Who's Had a Good Week?

It's been a tough political week for some whilst others seem to have relished in the pressure, basked in the misfortune of others or simply been glad that bigger stories covered up their own bad press.

Occupy London had an unwelcome guest and the Home Secretary continued to have trouble ridding the country of hers.

Guido Fawkes and Paul Dacre both made an appearence at the Leveson Inquiry, whilst Sarah Teather was in the news for her parliamentary absence.

Andy Burnham and Andrew Lansley locked horns with a very clear winner and loser as the health reform bill continued to grab headlines.

John Prescott made a tidy little sum, David Cameron had a publicity near-miss and Ken Livingstone continued to offend anyone he could.