10/02/2012 12:49 GMT | Updated 11/04/2012 06:12 BST

Top Nine Couples Games For St Valentine's Day

Dodge the over-priced restaurant meals and vile stuffed teddies this St Valentine's day and think gaming.

What better way to spend time together than multi-player gaming? It's the ideal way to cap off a new date, break in a first-person-shooter newb into your favourite game, or even spend time together if you're far apart.

Halo and Uncharted are both excellent shooters in multi-player mode. Plus, in Halo, you can both wear hot headsets if you like.

You may get shot down by the smartypants 13 year olds in online advanced mode, but at least you'll die together.

Uncharted has the advantage of being one of the most cinematic games around, which makes a nice introduction to shooters for the uninitiated.

The Xbox Kinect is a great couple console, and almost everything on it is date material. Once you're back at yours on the couch - or, if you live together, once you've cleared some of the weekday mess off the couch - switch on Start the Party or Buzz.

Both these games are lighthearted enough to be enjoyed with a glass of wine. Buzz is like QI, but with less Fry and more animated avatars, while Start the Party is just loads of silly fun.

If you're a baker, real life Angry Birds cake edition is a great game to play together. Who could possibly eat all that cake on their own?

What games do you have planned for St Valentine's day?