12/02/2012 21:04 GMT | Updated 13/04/2012 06:12 BST

BAFTA Awards: Senna Triumphs With Two Awards, Following Oscar Snub

Senna may have been overlooked even for the long list for Best Documentary by this year's Oscar-voting contingent, but it was Britain's biggest home-grown success at last night's BAFTA Awards, winning two of its three nominated categories.

The documentary telling the intimate story of Brazilian Formula One superstar Ayrton Senna, has garnered both critical and popular acclaim since its release last summer, and surprised many with its omission from consideration for an Academy Award.

The BAFTA Winners' List in full

Director Asif Kapadia admitted before the BAFTA ceremony that the Oscar list had been disappointing, but such slights were later forgotten when the film-makers secured two gongs, one for Best Documentary, and one for Best Editing. It had also been nominated for Best British Film, but lost to Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Kapadia revealed that he wasn't a sports fan at all himself, hence his insistence on making a film that could reach more than just fans of the racing track.

"We realised it would have to be about a person," he explained. "And Senna had an otherworldly quality, this incredible charisma."

It was a successful night for Senna's production company Working Title, the same team responsible for Tinker Tailor.

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