13/02/2012 07:41 GMT | Updated 14/04/2012 06:12 BST

Jan von Holleben's Super Cute Giant Machines

Your phone and laptop may be shrinking, but the machines that rule the dreams of photographer Jan von Holleben are tonnes of fun.

Jan von Holleben has created Super Machines using clever tricks with perspective, prepared prints and a load of disfunctional gadgets.

The photographer pulls apart transformers, a Playstation, and plenty of electrical wiring to create the trompe l'oeil images of strange machines towering over small children.

The whimsical images, now shortlisted for the 2012 Sony World Photography Awards, show machines as curiosities, rather than the everyday tool or overwhelming burden they can sometimes be.

In van Holleben's shots it's not a case of Deus ex machina, but of fun and whimsy ex machina.