14/02/2012 06:54 GMT | Updated 15/04/2012 06:12 BST

Top Six Most Dangerous St Valentine's Day Scams

Are you a fool for love? Whether you're desperately seeking someone, or head over heels in co-dependency, don't be an online ninny today.

St Valentine's scammers are out to trick the love fools and the love sceptics alike, with a range of devilish scams, rip-offs and tricks to get their hands of your personal information.

Online security firm McAfee says there are six ways that fraudsters could rip you off on this international day of love.

• Valentine’s-themed spam.

Be careful of which links you click today, spammers will target those who've left their gift-buying until the last minute. Only pay for a gift online when you know and trust the source, otherwise your credit card details could fall prey to scammers.

• Watch that e-card.

Oh look, someone does love you after all, and they've sent you a nice card. Or have they? Don't be a muggins. That could be a phoney card designed to lob malware onto your device or computer.

• Desperate? Go dateless.

Scammers have black hearts made of the ash of shattered dreams, and they occasionally pose on dating sites as people who are too good to be true. Can't believe that a ridiculously hot so-and-so really wants to go out with you? You're probably right, they could just be after your personal goods, or access to your online bank account.

• Unsafe search.

Desperately looking for a last minute gift? Be wary of online offers for typically Valentinesy gifts that seem too good to be true. They most likely are. Gold prices are going through the roof at the moment, thanks the the global maelstrom of financial events, so be wary of anyone offering a crazy deal.

• Lovely malware.

Tempted to download a sweet cupid-themed video, wallpaper, song, or a Valentine’s Day Facebook profile theme? Be wary. Scammers prey on the soppy-hearted, due, as previously mentioned to their dark hearts made of shattered dreams. That cute little download could pack a nasty bit of malware.

• Sneaky apps.

Even the iTunes app store has been known to have the occasional dangerous app sneak through their tough filters. Any love-themed app that crops up today could be dodgy. Be warned, a Facebook app that seemed lovely last year, asked for all your personal details, sharing much more than just your sweet thoughts.

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