14/02/2012 09:49 GMT | Updated 15/04/2012 06:12 BST

Valentine's Day At The Zoo: Walker The Lonely Polar Bear Receives Romantic Gift (Pictures)

The only polar bear on public display in the UK received a Valentine from a secret admirer today.

Walker inspected the giant red love heart, scented with some of his favourite treats, which was hung from a tree in his enclosure with a note that said "Can't bear it without u?".

The 63-stone (400kg) bear went on to rip the card down before throwing it into his pond and diving in after it.

Three-year-old Walker, who lives at Highland Wildlife Park in Inverness-shire, is expected to be paired up by the end of the year.

Keepers at the park had hoped they had found him a mate at the end of last year but she was found to be already pregnant before arrangements were put in place.

Daska Macintosh, visitor services manager at Highland Wildlife Park, said: "Walker has become a bit of a celebrity at Highland Wildlife Park and, as with most well-known personalities, he's received a small - well, actually, quite big - love token from his secret Valentine."

Walker was far from the only animal receiving Valentine's gifts this 14 February.

As the photo slideshow below proves everything from panda bears to flamingos, penguins to porpoises and even a husband-and-wife ram and sheep have got in on the Valentine's act.

Take a look, below.