15/02/2012 16:28 GMT | Updated 15/02/2012 16:38 GMT

Johnny English Reborn - Rowan Atkinson On His Latest Creation (VIDEO)

Rowan Atkinson has done it again, proving that Blackadder wasn't a fluke, and Mr Bean wasn't a lucky follow-up.

One of the UK's most enduringly successful comedic actors has pulled off another box office triumph with his character of Johnny English, Her Majesty's finest intelligence officer, with the habit of falling in - quite literally - the wrong hands. The sequel, Johnny English Reborn - bigger budget, more countries, Gillian Anderson on board - hit the number one box office slot when it was released last year, and is now out on DVD.

Is this the second in a long-running blockbusting franchise? Atkinson raises his eyes to the ceiling and replies, "I hope not."

To celebrate, here he is in our exclusive quick clip above, musing on the perks and perils of playing the accident-prone secret agent. Johnny English Reborn is now available on DVD and Blu Ray.