15/02/2012 11:43 GMT | Updated 16/04/2012 06:12 BST

Mobile World Congress 2012 Preview: Top Ten Tech Things To Expect

Mobile World Congress 2012, the trade show for all thing mobile phones, communications, play and advertising is like the fashion week circuit for the tech industry.

The event in Barcelona will showcase the mobile tech developments that you'll soon be using without a second thought.

Just like fashion month, all the designers including the big mobile phone names, along with the underground newbies, will get together to try to get a deal from business, and get noticed by the press.

Much like fashion events, there's plenty of parties and "must have" invites too. There just might not be the mental outfits, or the scene-stealing fans.

Fashion month used to be a closed shop - open only to the big name editors and the stores making trade deals, but now it's an open shop thanks to bloggers and the voracious appetites of consumers.

Tech fans are no different. We want to know what's happening before we have to see it in the shops.

Naturally, Apple will not be in attendance, but the full list of attendees includes HTC, Panasonic, Dolby, Spotify, MTV, Orange and keynote speakers, Ford.

So let's open the doors for a Mobile World Congress 2012 top ten of on what the big brands, and the upstarts, will be talking about between tapas and champagne, at MWC.