16/02/2012 04:01 GMT | Updated 16/02/2012 06:39 GMT

Charlie Brooker's 'Sun Poem' On '10 O'Clock Live' Is Nothing Short Of Genius (VIDEO)

Charlie Brooker has written a poem about The Sun. Reading it out on last night's 10 O'Clock Live show on Channel 4, many won't have seen his lyrical wisdom, but we're not going to let you miss out, no sir.

Riffing off the fact that Rupert Murdoch's biggest newspaper in the UK is claiming it's a victim of a "witch-hunt" - despite the fact it's hunted down more than a few metaphorical witches in its time - the Guardian columnist and man behind recent Channel 4 sci-fi series Black Mirror lets rip like only he can.

Listing pretty much every single person, group, and idea that The Sun has pointed the finger of disgust at over the years, it's an entrancing, worrying, highly entertainly couple of minutes that'll remind you that despite its patchiness, satirical comedy show 10 O'Clock Live can still make you laugh really rather hard.

Of course, this isn't the first really rather funny thing Charlie's done over the years - just take a look at our Charlie Brooker best of video gallery below for proof...