16/02/2012 06:34 GMT | Updated 17/04/2012 06:12 BST

Facebook Launches Verified Celebrity Accounts

You used to know you had made it when you got invited to turn on the Oxford Street Christmas lights, or open an envelope.

It's the digital age, baby, so today's celebs can now measure their worth when Facebook comes a-calling, and offers them a verified account.

The new Facebook verified accounts for celebrities switch on today, giving stars the option to have a verified symbol next to their account, and go by a pseudonym or stage name, according to Techcrunch.

If you wondered whether you're famous enough to get one, don't bother asking.

Facebook will issue an invitation to those deemed famous enough to need verification. If you have to ask for one, well, this is awkward, you've not made it yet.

Stars will also be able to use their stage name when they supply government-endorsed ID.

So Madonna Ciccone will have to send in her US driver's license, but had go by the name Madge if she likes. Likewise for Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. She will need to submit her ID, but can have Lady Gaga added to her Facebook page.

Don't worry, they're not getting a special deal (besides the limos, personal assistants and private jets), you too can add a nickname or maiden name to your Facebook account.

Twitter has had verified celebrity accounts since 2009, otherwise known as the olden days in internet years.

This has meant we know whether it really is Diana in Heaven tweeting, or the real Ashton and Demi airing their dirty laundry, or just some imposter who registered the name fastest.

Marketers and celeb managers will love the new Facebook verified accounts. Combined with the new subscribe option, and the perceived value of a Facebook referral or like over a Twitter mention, they will be able to monitor how well their stars are doing online.

Which celeb would you most like to see on Facebook?