16/02/2012 10:05 GMT

Steve Jones Has 'No Hard Feelings' Towards Simon Cowell After His Sacking From 'US X Factor'

Steve Jones has "no hard feelings" towards Simon Cowell after he was dropped as host on the American version of The X Factor, insisting he'd definitely work with the music mogul again.

Cowell hired Jones as presenter for the show's 2011 debut season, but it was recently confirmed that he would not be back for the second run.

However the former T4 star has taken his sacking graciously and is adamant he doesn't hold a grudge.

He tells The Sun: "I have no hard feelings whatsoever towards Simon. It's a tough business and anyone trying to get into it should always keep in mind that it can go t**s up in a heartbeat.

"I'd work with Simon on the moon if given the chance."

And Jones is just grateful for the experience, adding: "I loved working in LA. The best bit was working, the worst bit was not working.

"I have made some great American friends and I have learned that America/Los Angeles is wicked."

The TV hunk also revealed he has several projects in the pipeline.

He says: "There is a lot coming in at the moment from the States and here at home."