17/02/2012 10:13 GMT

Brits Cause £700m Of Damage To Their Homes While Drunk

While the majority of us would never drink and drive, new research reveals that thousands of Brits happily operate household appliances under the influence – causing £700m worth of damage in the process.

According to home insurance company, More Than, 83% of Brits enjoy a tipple at home after work, with 61% admitting that they regularly get drunk indoors.

However, although moderate drinking is usually harmless, the home becomes a hive of hazards for drunken dweller behaviour. And according to the study, this has resulted in a rising number of alcohol-related incidents, causing significant damage to 1.5m homes.

A third of homeowners admitted to causing a house fire, flood or smashing valuable items as a result of being drunk in the home. This is mainly due to attempting to cook a pizza, toast or bacon in an oven or grill after a night of drinking.

The worst offenders of dwelling under the influence are middle class people, particularly 35 to 54-year olds, with them causing an average £242, 673 worth of damage alone. In total, Brits cause around £700m of damage to over 1.5m homes.

Matt Pernet, from the study said: "The dangers of drink driving are well documented, but the perils of being drunk in the home are not.

"Yet, as this research shows, the home can be a highly precarious place for somebody with impaired judgment. If you think you are going to be drunk at home then it pays to plan ahead.

"With just a few small acts of mindfulness you can significantly reduce the chances of a costly incident from occurring."

A spokesperson from the London Fire Brigade added: "Too many fires are started when someone has passed out and left a pizza in the oven or some bacon under the grill.

"If people are going to have a few drinks, whether at home or on a night out, then a takeaway is by far the safest option to satisfy any late-night cravings."