17/02/2012 10:55 GMT

Top 10 Viral Videos: This Week's Funniest

As the people in charge of all things weird here at The Huffington Post UK, each and every week is a totally bonkers experience.

A fortnight ago, would we have guessed one of this week's best clips would involve a cat wearing paper glasses listening to dubstep? No sir. But here it is, dubstep cat, being cooler than we'll ever be, ever, ever, ever.

That said, there is one other funny animal clip that beats dubstep cat in the viral video stakes - and that's Rocco the sad French bulldog.

He's become a bit of a sensation online this week because of his love of Adele, his love of staring at his own reflection and his love of staring at his own reflection while listening to Adele.

So to meet Rocco, as well as dubstep cat, click play on our weekly round-up below, and prepare to see Miss Piggy at the Baftas, Charlie Brooker being brilliant and the most embarrassing armed robber ever, too. Happy days!