18/02/2012 07:10 GMT

Paul O'Grady: Guests Were 'Coked Off Their Minds'

Paul O'Grady has claimed some celebrity guests on his chat shows were high on drugs.

The TV host says he quit his Friday night show last year because he couldn't stand the guests - and many snorted cocaine before coming on to plug their books or films.

The 56-year-old former drag queen, who also presented a teatime show between 2004 and 2009, told The Mirror: "Guests would be on the couch coked off their minds.

"They'd start conversations, forget what they were saying, go onto something else."

The star admits it left him feeling nervous about how the guests were going to behave in front of the family audience.

Paul, whose partner Brendan Murphy died from brain cancer in 2005, also slammed his guests for their trivial dramas.

He recalls: "If they were in a soap, they'd be talking about the long hours they worked or their Jimmy Choos.

"I wasn't interested in bloody shoes. It would flash across my mind, 'You're sitting here talking about shoes and there's a man dying in my bed.'"