19/02/2012 15:04 GMT | Updated 20/04/2012 06:12 BST

Film Trailers: Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez In The Film That Brought Them Together - 'Dark Tide'

We love it when two actors meet and fall in love on set - it means we get to indulge all our voyeuristic tendencies and watch for evidence of off-screen frolics when the film eventually makes it to the screen.

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz may wish to be as private as possible about their courtship and now marriage, but there's no putting Dream House back in the can. The romance of Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris obviously got the better of Michael Sheen and Rachel McAdams, now happily loved up after appearing together in Woody's ode to the city.

And let's just not mention Mr and Mrs Smith...

The latest A-list pair to put themselves up for our forensic romantic inspection are Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez, in deep sea action drama, Dark Tide, involving a diving tutor (Berry) haunted by a client's fatal encounter with a great white shark nine years before. Her ex-boyfriend, played by Martinez, offers her a lucrative opportunity to get rid of all her money worries, but... guess what... it means getting back into the water.

Never mind all that, it's Berry in a bikini and falling in love with her co-star. What's not to like? Check out the trailer above.