20/02/2012 08:59 GMT | Updated 11/07/2012 10:21 BST

EastEnders: Shirley Turns On Ben In Dramatic Scenes Next Week (SPOILER)

You'd think EastEnders' Shirley would have realised by now, there's no reasoning with twisted Ben Mitchell.

But after a conversation with DCI Marsden - the police lady who's been trying to get Ben's dad Phil banged up for years - Shirley begins to worry and confronts Ben about his statement to the police, in which he's accused Phil of murdering his barmy ex-fiancee Stella Crawford.

Phil's loud-mouthed lover, played by Linda Henry, grows increasingly desperate to get Phil off the hook and seems to think pinning Ben up against the wall and shouting at him will do the trick.

An EastEnders insider told Digital Spy: "When DCI Marsden taunts Shirley about what her life will be like without Phil, Shirley decides that she has to confront Ben. She screams at him to change his mind.

"When Ben storms out of the house, Shirley is anxious to find Marsden waiting. Marsden warns Shirley that if she tries to intimidate a witness again, then she'll be joining Phil in a cell…"

Taking after his father, Ben will soon find himself in a similar situation. In a future storyline, he's set to murder Shirley's best friend Heather Trott (Cheryl Fergison).

The troubled teen, played by Joshua Pascoe, will reportedly turn into a cold-blooded murderer after a heated row with the mother-of-one at her flat.