20/02/2012 05:28 GMT

John Cleese Responds To Monty Python Fans' YouTube Comments, Calls Himself Michael Palin (VIDEO)

More of a Twitterer, John Cleese doesn't often appear on the Monty Python YouTube channel - but when he does, it's unmissable.

Back in the public eye of late thanks to his recent live DVD The Alimony Tour and the news that most of the Pythons will be reuniting for another movie - Absolutely Anything - it's an absolute joy to see the comedy great talking to us about elderberries, Fox News and role-playing computer game Skyrim.

That's right, Skyrim. Fox News we get, with it being a regular comedy whipping boy, even for The Muppets, but a reference to The Greybeards? In a YouTube Video with John Cleese? That's bonkers. He even calls himself Michael Palin because, you know, why not?

Ostensibly the YouTube video is based around John replying to certain comments left beneath other videos on the Monty Python channel. In reality it's just a chance for the great man to be funny and make us laugh. Which is very kind of him, we think.

But it's not the only funny piece to camera from the Python boys - just take a look at Eric Idle do his thing below, as well as Terry Jones talking about the origins of the name 'Monty Python' and even a clip of Terry Gilliam talking about Disneyland. Of course.