20/02/2012 08:34 GMT | Updated 20/02/2012 13:27 GMT

A Novel Idea: Lincoln Commemoration

A 35 feet high structure was unveiled this week to commemorate the life of US President Abraham Lincoln and the 15,000 books written about him.

The tower is made from 6,800 aluminium books and includes 205 original book covers from authors who have written the most about the civil war president.

It is located in Ford’s Theatre Centre for Education and Leadership in Washington D.C, which is opposite the site where Lincoln was assassinated in 1865.

Ford's Theatre Director Paul Tetreault said: "For more than 40 years, visitors have travelled to Ford's Theatre from all over the world, eager to learn more about Abraham Lincoln and his presidency.

"Now, with the addition of the Center for Education and Leadership, learners of all ages can delve deeper into our compelling American history through new exhibits, engaging videos and creative programming offered by the Ford's Theatre Society Education Department.

"We are thrilled to usher in this new chapter in the history of Ford's Theatre and to showcase how Lincoln's leadership and legacy resonates in our world today."

Part of a $60million (£38million) regeneration project, which includes a renovated theatre and an interactive museum, the monument was unveiled on Sunday.

We think the structure is a fitting tribute to the legacy of such an influential historical figure, and compliments the main memorial in Washington.

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