20/02/2012 11:19 GMT | Updated 20/02/2012 11:32 GMT

Political Interview Bloopers - The Exchanges Which Went Slightly Wrong

This week didn't have the best of starts for Today programme presenters Sarah Montague and Jim Naughtie. Both of them assigned Tory MPs to the wrong party during interviews, with Jim Naughtie accidentally labelling John Baron a Labour MP.

Baron shrugged off the honest mistake with a laugh, but earlier in the programme Montague's keynote interview with health minister Simon Burns got off to a rather bad start.

Should critical groups have been invited to the NHS summit? (mp3)

Montague branded the Tory a Liberal Democrat. "I'm not a Liberal Democrat,' growled Burns. Montague managed to recover from the slip and continue her grilling on why medical professions opposed to the Health and Social Care Bill hadn't been invited to the NHS Summit at Number 10 Today.

It got us thinking, what are the worst political interviews - from either the presenter or the politician's perspective? Here are the moments some people would probably prefer to forget.

And a warning - one of the interviews inadvertently contains a very, very bad word....