21/02/2012 10:50 GMT | Updated 22/04/2012 06:12 BST

Can You Give Up Social Media For Lent?

Can you put the phone down, stop tweeting and texting for just one minute?

Of course you can, you're a very reasonable and sociable kinda guy/girl.

That's why you're so popular, what with all your Facebook friends and the bevvy of perfect strangers who hang on your every tweet, and re-pin your every (gorgeous) pin.

You can most likely stop touching your phone, or adult Tamagotchi as we like to call it, for the duration of a meal, but could you give up social media for Lent?

Lent, which beings on Ash Wednesday, is the 40 day period before Easter.

Giving up luxury foods like meat, alcohol or chocolate is a common penitence for Lent. So too is giving up a favourite activity, like smoking, movies, sleeping in or TV.

But in 2012, could the penitent bear to give up a social media fav? Could you stop pinning on Pinterest, tweeting on Twitter or checking out your friends' amazing photos on Facebook?

One blogger, Sam Forzley, is giving up social media for Lent.

Forzley, who's not actually religious, is conducting her fast not as a religious exercise, but simply to test her will.

The Sojourners bloggers are giving up social media for more faith-based reasons. The great upside to giving up social media, they say, is that personal communication blooms.

Sojourners quote Jesuit priest Reverend James Martin who says "Ten minutes in person is worth 10 hours on Facebook."

Your author could probably go without a drink for 40 days, but pinning on my ever-growing Pinterest boards? No way.

Let us know if you could bear to do it in our poll below.