21/02/2012 09:25 GMT | Updated 21/02/2012 16:00 GMT

Hitler's Son: Nazi Dictator May Have Fathered Child With French Teenager (PICTURES)

Hitler had a son with a teenage French girl, new evidence claims to prove.

The shocking revelations that Adolf Hitler had an affair with a french teenager while he was a soldier in World War One, has been published in French magazine Le Point.

Hitler's 'son', Jean-Marie Loret, never met his father, and served as a soldier fighting against the Nazis during the Second World War. However before Loret died in 1985, he told his story to a Parisian lawyer Francois Gibault.

Loret was given up for adoption by his mother after a difficult childhood, his peers knowing that he was the son of a German soldier. Like many children fathered by German soldiers, his mother was destitute, and he was jeered at, known as "the son of the Boche."

Loret's mother met the young Hitler whilst he was serving as a soldier in northern France. On leave in a rural village outside of Lille, he first spotted Charlotte Lobjoie, as she cut hay in a field.

"We saw a German soldier on the other side of the street," she told her son, years later.

"He had a sketch pad and seemed to be drawing. All the women found this interesting, and were curious to know what he was drawing.

"I was the one chosen to approach him."

After that encounter, 16-year-old Lobjoie and Hitler would often go for walks in countryside. However she told her son that "these walks usually ended badly".

"Your father, inspired by nature, launched into speeches, which I did not really understand.

"He did not speak French, but solely ranted in German, talking to an imaginary audience. Even if I spoke German I would not be able to follow him, as the histories of Prussia, Austria and Bavaria where not familiar to me at all, far from it.

"My reaction used to anger your father so much that I did not show any reaction."

After a 'tipsy' night out together in June, the couple slept together. Loret was born in March 1918, by which time Hitler had left the country.

Alone and struggling for money, Lobjoie gave up her son to another couple. However years later, after Loret's mother confessed to him the truth of his parentage, Hitler's son struggled to cope.

"In order not to get depressed, I worked non-stop, never took a holiday, and had no hobbies. For twenty years I didn't even go to the cinema." he told his lawyer.

However Loret began investigating his past. He enlisted an expert in physiognomy (the way faces are aligned) and asked for advice from the Institute of Anthropology and Genetics at the University of Heidelberg. The blood type of the two men are similar, and their faces suggest famial characteristics.

Paintings by Hitler, an accomplished artist, have been found in Lobjoie's attic. A painting of the young Charlotte, signed by Hitler has even been found. Papers from the Germany and French army corroborate Loret's mothers story, showing that the Nazi dictator was serving in France at that time.

It has also been revealed that Lobjoie received packages of money from Hitler, years later.

Loret died in 1985. Four years earlier, he had written the book Your Father’s Name Was Hitler. The memoir is to be republished with the new evidence that corroborates his story.