21/02/2012 05:46 GMT | Updated 21/02/2012 08:28 GMT

Stephen Colbert Returns From Hiatus With Hilarious Rumour Control, Touching Message To His Mother (VIDEO)

Fans of caricatured versions of conservative political pundits have been waiting nervously for their idol, Stephen Colbert, to return to their Comedy Central screens for four days now.

Finally... he has returned. What's more, just to spoil his devoted followers, he's also delivered a doozie of an opening speech, dealing with all the ludicrous rumours that cropped up on the "Interwebs" in his absence and delivering a touching tip of the hat to his unwell mother.

Colbert's 91-year-old mum had been so poorly of late that the much-loved satirist decided to put the whole show on hiatus on 17 February, with repeats filling in the timeslots his unexpected departure brought about.

We'll leave it to the big man himself to deliver the funnies - see above - but let it be said: it's good to have you back, Mr. Colbert. Great, even.

And for a little bit more Colbert-based genius, here's his 20 minute commencement speech at Northwestern University - every second of which is an absolute triumph.