22/02/2012 11:40 GMT

'Cassetteboy Vs The News' Takes George Alagiah Gloriously Out Of Context (VIDEO)

Cassetteboy are back with another genius bit of video mashery-uppery today, taking 15 editions of the BBC's News At Six during January 2012 and making George Alagiah look a right plonker in 'Cassetteboy Vs The News'.

We've previously interviewed the men behind the amazing YouTube channel that is Cassetteboy, so for all the in-depth details you need on who they are "in real life" and how they weave their magic, we'd heartily recommend you click in this direction.

And for more of Cassetteboy's finest bits of 'plunderphonic' brilliance, take a look at our best of video collection - but be warned, it's very silly, very sweary and very, very funny. So there you go.