22/02/2012 07:23 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Florence Welch Is An Early Arrival On The Brits Red Carpet

The Brits are tonight! And Alexander McQueen.

Florence teamed her dual-length dress (we hate the term mullet dress and want to banish it forever) with statement platforms, beautiful gold hand-pieces and immaculate makeup. We're also loving her new, slightly darker auburn locks.

Rumour has it that Florence is set to hit the Brits stage in another bespoke McQueen gown later this evening, so watch this space...

Lucky, lucky girl.

Now, if only the other arrivals would just hurry up! (Rihanna and Adele, we're talking about you.)

See the guests as they show up at the Brits in the gallery below. We're updating it LIVE:

Shop for more dresses like Florence's in the gallery below: