22/02/2012 11:07 GMT

Jon Prashar, Blind Man, Wins Damages After Being Refused Entry To A Restaurant Because He Had A Guide Dog

A blind man has won over £1,000 in damages after he was left "humiliated" when a restaurant refused him entry - because he had a guide dog.

Jon Prashar, 48, felt "upset and embarrassed" after being turned away from a curry restaurant in Carlisle last August.

"It was about 9:30[pm] and we decided to go for a curry, three of us, but I've got a guide dog," he told The Huffington Post UK.

"So I went into the restaurant and he said 'we don't accept dogs'. I explained to him it was a guide dog, he came back and said 'I don't care what it is we don't accept dogs.'"

Guide dog Mr T was turned away from a curry restaurant in Carlisle

The Wakefield resident, who was awarded £1,500 and costs at Birmingham County Court on Wednesday, said the judgement sent a "clear message".

"What we need to do is change people's attitudes. The damages are irrelevant and it's people's attitudes [to disabled people] that need to change. I've had similar problems with taxi drivers."

His lawyer Jack Klar said: “There are some businesses that still unlawfully discriminate against disabled people. I hope that this judgement will make it clear to such businesses that discrimination is unacceptable.”