22/02/2012 10:36 GMT | Updated 22/02/2012 10:53 GMT

Stripping And Karaoke Combine To Form 'Stripperaoke' (PICTURE, POLL)

Ever wanted to sing cheesy songs while women remove clothes beside you? Well, today is your lucky day then, because 'Stripperaoke' is here, and it offers just that.

Hosted by the Pacers Showgirls International gentlemen's club in San Diego, Caifornia, it's an utterly bonkers, utterly incredible night out that mixes the awkwardness of wailing your guts out in front of total strangers with the awkwardness of standing near a gyrating, undressing woman.

In other words: it's party time, people, and it's only a eight-hour flight away! Get in!

For bizarre proof of this extraordinary event, allow us to point you in the direction of the night's flyer, with summarises the evening simply and effectively: "It's like karaoke. You pick the song. You sing. The stripper strips." You can't say fairer than that, now can you?

For more information on the strange Frankenstein's monster of a night out, check out stripperaoke's Facebook page here as well as their website, where you can book in dates and ask the organisers questions. Ideally through song lyrics, and while stripping, of course.

But tell us what you think of it all first - is this a good idea, or just mad and offensive? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box and poll below...