One In Three Men Would Marry A Woman They Are Not In Love With

Contrary to the popular myth that men are commitment-phobes and women can't wait to be whisked down the aisle, a US survey reveals that men are more likely to get married, despite not being in love.

The poll of 5,000 singles found that almost a third (31%) of men compared to less than a quarter (23%) of women, would consider marrying someone who 'ticks all the boxes' even if they are not in love with them.

What's more, the research from dating site, found it was the young men in their twenties who were most keen tie the knot.

Relationship expert Dr. Pam Spurr says: these results don't surprise me as many men reach what I call the "commitment threshold" more quickly then women. If they feel comfortable in a relationship that is often the most important thing to them. Never underestimate the need for a 'comfort zone' for a man.

Many women appear to want to settle down quickly but in actual fact go through much angst about what they really want and if he is 'Mr. Right'. Whereas a man will think, "this feels good so she must be Mrs. Right."

But not all men are ready to throw in the towel and settle for second best just yet. Conversely, a previous survey found that one in four men believe in love at first sight. The same poll revealed most men believe they know whether she's The One after just one date.

And just as not all men are prepared to 'make do', not all women are waiting in vain for Mr Perfect. Recent research found that three quarters of British women think there is no such thing as the perfect man with most seeing their partner as only 69% perfect.