24/02/2012 12:08 GMT

What Your Eating Type Reveals About Your Personality

Are you the kind of person who feels guilty after each bite, or someone who likes to source your food locally and ethically - or from the freezer straight into the microwave?

For many of us, our relationship with food is a complicated one, and like most, you probably have a signature 'eating type'.

Because eating is such a vital part of our everyday lives, it's little surprise that our relationship with food is closely linked to the type of person we are.

According to food coach and author of Eat Right for Your Personality Type, Karen Knowler, most of us fit into one of a number of common 'eating personalities' that reflect our character and reveal a lot more than our food preferences.

From the 'functional eater' who likes things in life to be convenient and fast-paced, to the 'sensual eater' who enjoys the simple pleasures in life, take a look to see which is your food style… and what it reveals about your personality.

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