24/02/2012 13:25 GMT | Updated 24/02/2012 16:31 GMT

Paris Hilton's Latest Single, 'Drunk Text', Gets A Music Video (VIDEO)

If you're easily offended by NSFW language, scared of Paris Hilton or unamused by terrible music/terrible music videos, then you may want to click away pretty sharpish.

But if you enjoy watching a millionaire heiress taking another crack at the music biz - and all the hilarity that goes along with it - then allow us to introduce to you Ms. Hilton's latest musical release, Drunk Text.

Instead of actually singing, it seems Paris has gone for the just-talking-sort-of-sexily-over-the-music option. The thing is, the words she's saying are utter gibberish.

At one point she explains where the words 'sexting' comes from, pointing out its portmanteau origins from two other words, 'sex' and texting'. Then she goes on to explain how adding the word 'drunk' to the new word 'sexting' doesn't make any sense at all.

She's very wise, our Paris. In her own special way, anyway.

And just to remind you that Paris has form in the terrible pop song game, here's her previous endeavour Stars Are Blind, released back in 2009 to rapturous laughter.

But it makes you wonder... who's better at making music, Paris Hilton or Rebecca Black? Here's the music video for Friday to remind you of the internet's least popular/most popular popster's previous output, and after that, a poll for you to vote in.