24/02/2012 10:45 GMT | Updated 24/02/2012 10:48 GMT

Partial Solar Eclipse Viewed From Space - WATCH

It's less total eclipse of the heart, more partial eclipse of the side of the sun.

On 21 February 21, 2012, Nasa's Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite was able to capture the moment that the sun was partially eclipsed by the moon.

The lunar transit began at around 8.10 am EST in the US and ended about 10 am EST.

The eclipse was termed a "fairly shallow transit" as the moon appears to dip only slightly into the side of the sun.

We are able to see the sun here in extreme ultraviolet light.

The scientific bonus of the partial eclipse was that the EVE output dipped, allowing scientists to measure the energy emitted by the active region of the sun.

The SDO was launched into space with the sole aim of helping us to better understand the sun.

SDO launched on 11 February 11, 2010 on an Atlas V rocket from SLC 41 from Cape Canaveral.