24/02/2012 07:07 GMT

Rainbow Meets Tornado In Colorado Sky

Source: Caters

This is the amazing moment a beautiful rainbow and violent storm cloud came head to head creating a stunning scene high in the sky.

As the monster tornado began to dominate the skies over Colorado, USA, most people would have been locking their doors and windows.

But as the threat diminished one lucky group of storm chasers saw the rare sight of a rainbow and tornado seeingly just a few miles apart.

The magnificent moment was captured by dedicated Dutch storm chaser Peter Gude, 47, who couldn't believe his eyes as he spotted the unusual scene.

He said: "It was very exciting to witness this - it's one of the most beautiful photographic tornadoes I have ever come across.

"This was my first time really close up and it will be hard to beat such a perfect tornado in the future.

"I've never seen a double rainbow and tornado before and I'm almost certain I will never see it again.

"Most tornadoes are rain wrapped and very difficult to intercept due to the road network.

"But this one was perfect, good light, no houses, close and beautiful and long lived. It made the thrill of the chase even better."