27/02/2012 04:21 GMT | Updated 27/02/2012 07:27 GMT

Amanda Holden Vows 'No More Kids' After Birth Ordeal

Amanda Holden has vowed not to have any more children after her daughter's birth left her at death's door.

The Britain's Got Talent judge was left fighting for her life in intensive care after she suffered heavy blood loss during the birth of her second girl, Hollie, last month.

Amanda has revealed her heart stopped for 40 seconds as her body struggled to accept a blood transfusion and doctors had to use special fake blood, which finally began to clot.

The bubbly blonde admits her brush with death has made her happy with her two children, insisting she wouldn't be able to go through the same ordeal again.

In an interview with The Sun, she said: "I'd love a bigger family - but that's it! No more - I couldn't face it again."

Amanda, who suffered a miscarriage in 2010 and gave birth to stillborn son last year, admits she would have liked a bigger family if she had met her husband Chris earlier - but she is happy with her girls, Hollie and older sister Lexi.

She adds: "Two kids is the perfect number for me. I think we'll stop at two. I think that this is what we're supposed to have. Maybe we'll get some rabbits instead.

"If I'd met Chris earlier then I probably would have wanted more children. But we had a fabulous long courtship, nice meals out and brilliant holidays and now we've got two beautiful children.

"We will never forget our little boy, obviously. I said just after Hollie was born that our family is complete and I mean that. I feel so lucky that we've got to where we are.

"I look around the house at my husband and my two children and I think, 'This is amazing. This is perfect'. We always joked about being married and having a "coupla kids" and now we have. And after what we've been through, there's no way I'm putting anyone through that again."


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