27/02/2012 11:05 GMT

Russell Brand Steps Out With Rumoured Girlfriend Oriela Medellin As Katy Perry Parties At Oscars

Sadly, it looks like Katy Perry and Russell Brand have well and truly moved on from each other.

While his ex-wife Katy was letting her hair down in the company of a new man (admittedly he was Elton John's 14 month-old son, but that's by-the-by), Russell was stepping out with the new woman in his life.

The comic has been snapped with his rumoured new girlfriend Oriela Medellin for the first time, as they did a bit of shopping in West Hollywood yesterday.

Now, we realise this is pretty big news, so why is it taking us everything we have not to just rant on about the ridiculousness of Russell's leg warmers?

Anyway, it is a pretty bold move for Russ, who shunned all of last night's Oscars festivities to stay in the company of the new brunette in his life.

It was first reported the pair were dating earlier this month, only two months after Russell's marriage to Katy ended, citing "irreconcilable differences".

They were thought to have met at yoga classes, but artist Oriela previously told papers she was "not comfortable" commenting on what was going on between her and Russell.


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