28/02/2012 12:16 GMT | Updated 28/02/2012 14:21 GMT

Happy Birthday John Steinbeck: Greatest Quotes

This week marks John Steinbeck’s 110th birthday.

The author is best known for his socially conscious novels, depicting economic problems and their effect on the local population.

Among his most famous works is Grapes Of Wrath, which tells the tale of sharecroppers struggling through the Great Depression. The book provoked a strong reaction from critics and the reading public, winning the Pulitzer Prize but also remaining one of the most banned books in the US to date.

Across the world this week people will be celebrating his outstanding contribution to literature, which won him a Nobel Prize 50 years ago.

To mark the occassion, we’ve decided to celebrate by getting together some of our favourite quotes, from relationship advice to his son to memorable quotes from his famous novels.

Tell us below whether you think there are any important ones we’ve missed out and what you love - or loathe - about the legendary author.